Coaching är en process vilken lägger grunden till ett effektivt lärande där utveckling kan äga rum och därmed en presentation kan förbättras.

Step 1. Analyze to raise awareness

AttentusArrowRight Without awareness, it is almost impossible to improve behavior. Dialogen mellan klienten och coachen är en förutsättning för sättet att analysera prestationen samt kunna jämföra med den nivå man eftersträvar.

Step 2. Plan for responsible

It is the individual who must take personal responsibility for the expected results.

AttentusArrowRight How will it be achieved?
AttentusArrowRight How should it be done?
AttentusArrowRight Where should it be done?


Step 3. Genomföra planen

This uses different:

AttentusArrowRight Styles
AttentusArrowRight Skills

Step 4. Evaluate success

AttentusArrowRight Where the goals achieved?
AttentusArrowRight Did the plan led to unexpected benefits/disadvantages?
AttentusArrowRight Is there a need for new development plan?

A contract is drawn up with each client. The meetings lengths are different, but between 2-5 hours for a period of one year (normally) containing about 10 meetings. The dialogue is also maintained by phone and mail. Attentus coach fundation, honesty, confidence, empathy and respect. Do you wish to get more information, please contact