AttentusArrowRight Realism
We should be under no illusions, all is facts. Livet är som det är och står i motsats till Etik.

AttentusArrowRight Ethics
To know others, empathy. Ethics is the view of my fellow man. Moralen är hur jag handlar utifrån detta perspektiv.
It is the contrary to Realism where I sometimes have to hurt, for example, a dismissal in the workplace. "Do not cause others what you do not want them to cause to you" [Confucius].

AttentusArrowRight Courage
Courage describes the internal strenght, my ability to act, my initiative.
Thit is precisely why we at Attentus chosen slogan "An act in the direction of the vision will change the world" som vårt motto. Good action collapse to only activity, only vision to inactivity.

AttentusArrowRight Vision
Think big, bigger, new. Vision is never quantifiable, only perceptible. Visionen skall verka som den stora energin i vår ständiga utveckling. The target shall, however, always be measurable. These two together creates the foundation for all business.

AttentusArrowRight Greatness
När vi som människor, ledare och organisationer strävar efter balans i dessa fyra dimensioner så växer vi. To be driven forward, ahead of you visions - having a view of life marked by ethical values - to courageously face up to realization of all the efforts - Yes, then you have reached greatness!

Education areas

We provide training in the following areas.

AttentusArrowRight Project management

AttentusArrowRight Risk Value Analysis / Project control

AttentusArrowRight Marketing

AttentusArrowRight Team training

AttentusArrowRight Leadership with transformation

AttentusArrowRight Brainstorming/Creative training


Learning Leadership

Attentus Göteborg AB / Rino Senses AB

AttentusArrowRight Purpose
- Management training - vad är ledarskapansvar för kunder? Vad är personligt ledarskap?
- Better understanding of how a team becomes a team.
- Increased understanding of conflict management.
- Feedback.

AttentusArrowRight Goal
- Theoretical knowledge.
- Team/ledarskap i förändring.
- Reflektera över dig själv och ditt ledarskap
- Consultation.

Learning Leadership
AttentusArrowRight Speakers Program
A half-day seminar in great dynamism in which you come in contact with all your senses. Något vi valt kalla "Senses Management". The day will also tranfer into a "Workshop". Call 0705 - 69 30 35 for more details.

AttentusArrowRight Presentation technique
This day practical exercises are used.. A day where we learn the basics of presentation skills. Vi studerar olika teorier, We practice both individually and in groups.

- Various presentation forms
- Different forums to act in
- Rhetoric
- Different media, styrkor och svagheter
- To sell selling
- Hur man hanterar rampfeber
- Practical exercises, with camera