About Attentus Göteborg AB

Attentus AB was founded 1981 in Karlstad. The business solely consists of management consulting.
Attentus International Ltd was formed as a subsidiary of Attentus AB 1991, at the time with two owners. The location was Gothenburg. The company had been broadened to also include education.
Attentus Göteborg AB was founded 1993, with Ulf Johansson as sole owner. The framework of the company focus on business development and leadership- and organizational development.
Over the years, Attentus has been owner or partly owner of:


Partly-owned companies
AttentusArrowRight Applied Nano Surfaces
AttentusArrowRight House of Noor
House of Trade

AttentusArrowRight GM Powertrain Europe
AttentusArrowRight IHM Business School
AttentusArrowRight Wärtsilä
AttentusArrowRight Volvo Cars AB
AttentusArrowRight Volvo 3P
AttentusArrowRight Volvo Buses AB
AttentusArrowRight Volvo CE AB
AttentusArrowRight Saab Automobile AB
AttentusArrowRight Consat AB
AttentusArrowRight Siva Trading AB

Business Network
AttentusArrowRight NetGroup AB
AttentusArrowRight Ingenjörskonsulter
AttentusArrowRight Sivatrading_UAE Inc
AttentusArrowRight Oil trade
AttentusArrowRight BRG
AttentusArrowRight Konsult/RådgivareAB

AttentusArrowRight Consat AB - Board assignment
AttentusArrowRight Volvo Cars - Product benchmark
AttentusArrowRight Saab Automobile - Product benchmark, etc.
AttentusArrowRight Volvo Trucks - Organization and development
AttentusArrowRight Nira - Market analys, kick-off etc.
AttentusArrowRight Volvo Buses AB
AttentusArrowRight Volvohandlarföreningen - Event & marketing activities
AttentusArrowRight Swedmec
AttentusArrowRight ISEA
AttentusArrowRight Fortaco
AttentusArrowRight Wärtsilä
AttentusArrowRight Aggrekko

Ulf Johansson

Licensed for Wilson Learning Groups training, based on Peter Kouestenbaums material. M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, entrepreneur and Networker.
AttentusArrowRight Ulf Johanssons CV

Boards assignments

AttentusArrowRight Netgroup - President
AttentusArrowRight 3 H-Tech - President